Keep boner joke? (x)

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  “You could access his memories, assuming there’s no brain damage. Of course you’d have to have an electro magnetic probe placed in the base of your skull whilst immersed without clothing in the old tank, and you’d be heavily drugged.”

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Johnny’s black hat, 2x06

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—We’ll need someone with state of the art computing skills.


—My regular contact in London has forsworn the practice. Something about not wanting to go to jail. So we have to contact them.

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1.04 consumed

"Ever since then we’ve been giving each other second chances."

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If you guys were a boyband, what would your name be and who would be, like, the sexy one or the bad boy? [x]

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Parks and Recreation Alphabet → a
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"You don’t even know one thing I didn’t even say one thing and then she asked me the whole thing and I didn’t even do it once!"

chuck and sarah+season 3

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"You always know how to soothe me. You always have."